Tuesday, May 15, 2012

0376 The Public Avenger

The Public Avenger
Episode 0376
Original Air Date: November 10, 1975

A secretary wonders if her meek and mild coworker is actually a vigilante super hero.

Cast: Arnold Stang, Marian Haley, Robert Dryden, Leon Janney

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: **

News: Australian constitutional crisis, U.N. condemns Zionism as a force of racism, sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Angola achieve independence but is awash in civil war, Morrocan army marches into desert, Karen Ann Quinlan's parents do not know if they will appeal court ruling, local Portland news, VP Rockefeller says he's not ruling out a presidential bid,

Commercials: Rolaids, Sine Off, American Lung Association, Buick Skylark, Mennonite Churches, National Association for the Blind PSA, Sine Off, National Institute on Alcoholism, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Buick, International Rescue Committee PSA, Give to the College of Your Choice, Share A Ride, Washington Watch on CBS Radio, United Nations PSA, U.S. Army recruiting,

Recorded from KOIN, Portland, OR

0375 Killing Valley

Killing Valley
Episode 0375
Original Air Date: November 7, 1975

A successful authoress returns to the small town where she grew up to get revenge on the powerful people who destroyed her father. She starts research to write a tell-all about the town, and learns some unexpected facts about her father and mother.

Cast: Kim Hunter, Joan Shea, Ian Martin, William Redfield

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: **1/2

Commercials: Budweiser, Buick Century, Ludens Medicated Cough Drops,

0374 The Edge Of The Scalpel

The Edge Of The Scalpel
Episode 0374
Original Air Date: November 5, 1975

A hospital soap opera where an injured man is forced to undergo surgery at the hands of a surgeon who is in love with his wife and might like to see him out of the way.

Cast: Teri Keane, Robert Kaliban, Joan Shea, Don Scardino, Gordon Gould.

Writer: Ian Martin

Rating: *1/2

Recorded from WOR New York

Commercials: Budweiser, Shop Rite supermarkets, Channel 11 news, Lemon Mint Listorene Lausanges, "Write if You Get Work: Best of Bob and Ray" book, Bahamas Air, Buick 1976 Century, Delco Batteries, New York Bankers Association PSA, Sine Off,

News: Local New York news,

0373 The Mortgage

The Mortgage
Episode 0373
Original Air Date: November 1, 1975

A middle-aged college professor is actually a sleeper spy. when his picture appears in the paper for doing a good deed, he worries that he might be activated, disrupting the life he loves.

Cast: Larry Haines, Marian Seldes, Robert Dryden, Robert Maxwell, Russell Horton

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: **1/2

Recorded from WFAA, Dallas, TX

Commercials: Drunk driving PSA, Buick Century, Braille Foundation for Blind Musicians, Budweiser, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Sine Off, Campaign for Human Development, International Rescue Committee PSA, American Lung Association PSA, U.S. Coast Guard Academy,

0372 It's Hell To Pay The Piper

It's Hell To Pay The Piper
Episode 0372
Original Air Date: October 31, 1975

A man tries to pay his rent; while doing so, his landlord dies, he has no receipt proving he paid the rent. When the landlord's son doesn't believe him.

Cast: Ian Martin, Arnold Moss, Cort Benson, Guy Sorel, Bryna Raeburn

Writer: Ian Martin adaptation of Sir Walter Scott

Rating: **

0371 Triptych For A Witch

Triptych For A Witch
Episode 0371
Original Air Date: October 30, 1975

A witch posing as a kindly, widowed, great aunt comes to live with a newlywed couple. She brings with her a couple interesting pets.

Cast: Margaret Hamilton, Kristoffer Tabori, Evie Juster, Gilbert Mack

Writer: Ian Martin

Rating: **1/2

0370 Ghost Powder

Ghost Powder
Episode 0370
Original Air Date: October 29, 1975

John and Abigail Adams encounter a ghost haunting their abode in France. The future first couple try to learn the nature of their poltergeist while John's rivalry with Thomas Jefferson grows.

Cast: Marian Seldes, Michael Wager, Cort Benson, Bryna Raeburn, Guy Sorel,

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: ***

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