Tuesday, May 15, 2012

0374 The Edge Of The Scalpel

The Edge Of The Scalpel
Episode 0374
Original Air Date: November 5, 1975

A hospital soap opera where an injured man is forced to undergo surgery at the hands of a surgeon who is in love with his wife and might like to see him out of the way.

Cast: Teri Keane, Robert Kaliban, Joan Shea, Don Scardino, Gordon Gould.

Writer: Ian Martin

Rating: *1/2

Recorded from WOR New York

Commercials: Budweiser, Shop Rite supermarkets, Channel 11 news, Lemon Mint Listorene Lausanges, "Write if You Get Work: Best of Bob and Ray" book, Bahamas Air, Buick 1976 Century, Delco Batteries, New York Bankers Association PSA, Sine Off,

News: Local New York news,

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