Sunday, February 12, 2012

0921 The Grey Slapper

The Grey Slapper
Episode 0921
Original Air Date: November 22, 1978

A former student tries to save her former teacher from himself as he sells himself out in the world of politics. An intrepid reporter feeds rumors that they are romantically linked.

Cast: Carol Teitel, Gordon Heath, Robert Dryden

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: ***

Recorded from KQB Pittsburgh

News: Teams begin to remove bodies from Jonestown. Inflation czar sits before congressional committee. President Carter calls President Sadat to ask him to accept peace plan for Middle East. Sen. Edward Kennedy and family place flowers at the Kennedy grave on anniversary of assassination. A Baptist minister crawls for 2 years to Washington, DC to meet president Carter.

Commercials: White Matues Wine, Radio advertising, Sine Off, Diabetes PSA, Heart Association anti-smoking PSA, Library PSA, Contac, Master Charge, Feeling Sports from Braille Foundation, Quality Inn, Cloreseptic, Choice Magazine Listening,

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