Monday, February 20, 2012

0934 The Power Of Evil

The Power Of Evil
Episode 0934
Original Air Date: December 22, 1978

A gambler falls for a wealthy, older matron. But she wants much more from him than love and he pays dearly for that desire.

Cast: Lloyd Batista, Evie Juster, Gordon Gould, Ray Owens

Writer: James Agate, Jr.

Rating: ***

news: New SALT treaty may not be close, Farmers protest for higher prices, 26 survivors picked up from crash near Sicily, Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton testifies about sale of paroles, Memphis jury declares movie "Deep Throat" to be obscene, Cleveland voters to decide how to get the city out of bankruptcy, Another hearing on Kennedy Assassination, Vatican to mediate a border dispute between Chile and Argentina,

Commercials: White Matues wine, Christmas Tree Safety PSA, Contac, Freedent gum, Travelers' Tips PSA, Arrow Shirts, Library PSA, Tru Value Hardware, Whitman Samplers, Duration nasal spray,

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