Monday, February 27, 2012

0946 The Wandering Wind

The Wandering Wind
Episode 0946
Original Air Date: January 17, 1979

A shy man marries an equally shy woman and they move into her home. She will not allow him to fix it up or alter it in any way, despite its decaying condition. He wants to be more extroverted and help others overcome their shyness. She wants to stay secluded.

Cast: John Beale, Teri Keane, Gordon Gould

Writer: Elspeth Eric

Rating: **

Recorded from WBBM Chicago,

News: Chicago weather, IRA attack in London, Fire in BART system in San Francisco, Lamar Alexander sworn in as governor early to stop governor Blanton from pardoning more criminals, Greenlanders vote for home rule from Denmark, Soviet woman escapes Russia via cruise ship, Hostage situation in San Salvador over with 100 hostages released, Canadian oil company wants to make year long gas shipments from Arctic,

Commercials: Northwest Federal Savings and Loan, Epilepsy PSA, Delta Airlines, March of Dimes PSA, American Airlines, DiGel, Duration anti-congestion, Yasef Chevrolet, USDA PSA, York Furs, Compoze sleep aid, Eazo Dental Cushions, Diabetes PSA,

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