Monday, February 27, 2012

0950 The Dominant Personality

The Dominant Personality
Episode 0950
Original Air Date: January 26, 1979

A waitress marries a loaner who lives in a cabin in the wilderness. When murders start happening in the woods, all the evidence points to the loaner and his wife begins to doubt him.

Cast: Ralph Bell, Gordon Heath, Charles Irving, Roberta Maxwell,

Writer: Percy Granger

Rating: **1/2

News: Carter defends his new budget proposal, Pope John Paul II holds mass in Mexico City, Boy using Laetrel to treat cancer escapes to Mexico where he can receive proper nutritional treatment with his chemo, Troops open fire on demonstrators in Iraq. Major snows starving livestock in Nebraska and other states.

Commercials: Tire Industry Safety Council, March of Dimes PSA, Child Abuse PSA, Shriners fund for Crippled Kids, Travelers Tips PSA, Tru Value Hardware, Public library associatioin PSA,anti-smoking PSA,

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