Friday, March 2, 2012

0969 The Permanent Man

The Permanent Man
Episode 0969
Original Air Date: April 9, 1979

On the planet Neptune, a young man submits himself to a doctor to allow him to perform medical experiments on him.

Cast: Robert Dryden, Teri Keane, Russell Horton

Writer: William Morrow adapted by Gerald Keene

Rating: ***1/2

Recorded from KOA Denver

News: Gas bubble at Three Mile Island is shrinking, House passes debt ceiling, Thousands of auto workers sent home early because of dispute with truckers, 25 people killed at boarding house fire in Connelsville, PA. Four Dayton police officers hospitalized after jail fire, Tanzianian planes bomb Angola, Dow down 7.5 points, Russians claim they have found Atlantis west of Gibralter,

Commercials: EZO Denture cushions, Anacin, Chef Boyardee beef ravioli, Bycozene Cream, Dermasoft Cream, "Amusement Park" by Robert Stuart Lincoln, Applejack Liquor Store, Contac, Kinney Shoe Store, FTC Warranties PSA, DiGel, Consumer Information Center Catalog, Serta Perfect Sleeper, Goodyear Tire Sale,

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