Friday, March 2, 2012

0981 Help Wanted

Help Wanted
Episode 0981
Original Air Date: May 21, 1979

A detective works a case involving a serial killer who stalks lonely, old women. His elderly aunt puts him on to a suspect who is a local grocer.

Cast: Tony Roberts, Carol Teitel, Bryna Raeburn, Earl Hammond

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: **

Recorded from WBBM Chicago

News: Refiners are asked to make more gasoline to alleviate shortages, Gas lines shorter in California, Americans taken to task by Europeans who say America uses too much oil, Former city supervisor convicted for murdering mayor of San Francisco, Gays march on San Francisco city hall to protest, Texas Democrats hiding to prevent quorum on vote to create presidential primary, Montreal Canadians win Stanley Cup,

Commercials: Homestead Ribs, Delta Airlines, International Harvester Scout, Bycozene cream, Derma soft cream, Northwest Federal Savings and Loan, Kraft Barbeque Sauce, Yanzen Chevrolet, A.R.M. Allergy medicine, Easter Seals, Whiel Oldsmobile, Michelob, Maxwell House, Olympic Paints, Master Charge, Northwest Federal Savings and Loan, Porcelana Face Cream, Kraft Barbeque Sauce, Maxwell House,

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