Saturday, March 3, 2012

0993 The Rivalry

The Rivalry
Episode 0993
Original Air Date: July 2, 1979

A Washington, D.C. detective works the murder of a lounge singer with international connections. A former felon turned amatuer detective always seems one step ahead of him.

Cast: John Beal, Cort Benson. Kristoffer Tabori, Earl Hammond

Writer: James Agate Jr.

Rating: ****

Recorded from WFAA

News: Votes are there for arms control treaty in Senate, Two ships collide off coast of Cape Cod, NASA wants to keep the attitude of Sky Lab to keep it from filing. New York and New Jersey enact gasoline rationing. Truckers meet with Transportation officials over fuel prices, Johnson Ranch acres for sale,

Commercials: CBS TV celebrates the people of America, Book Digest Magazine, Dermasoft Cream, ExLax Pills, Organ donation PSA, Amateur Radio PSA, Contac, Country Time Lemonade, Heart Association PSA, Master Charge, Federal Trade Commission PSA

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