Saturday, March 3, 2012

0997 The House Of The Dead Heart

The House Of The Dead Heart
Episode 0998
Original Air Date: July 16, 1979

A college student travels to a castle to view an secret, undiscovered DaVinci painting and falls in love with its owner's daughter. Both suffer for their love is forbidden by the master of the house.

Cast: Kristoffer Tabori, Gordon Gould, Evie Juster, Cort Benson

Writer: Edith Wharton adapted by James Agate, Jr.

Rating: **

Recorded from WBBM Chicago,

News: Nicaragua president Simosa loses ground to Sandanistas, President Carter is back in Washington primed to rally support for his energy and economic programs, Soviets say Carter's Crisis of Confidence is a problem of a capitalist economy, Governor declares Cheyenne, Wyoming as a disaster area after tornado, FDA wants to ban use of amphetamines as diet drug,

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