Sunday, March 11, 2012

1026 Who Has Seen The Wind?

Who Has Seen The Wind?
Episode 1026
Original Air Date: October 31, 1979

A claustrophobic woman is trapped in her apartment and calls a friend to plead with her to let her out. Despite their best efforts, the woman and her husband are unable to open the door. The consequences are dramatic.

Cast: Michael Tolan, Teri Keane, Carol Teitel,

Writer: Nancy Moore

Rating: ***

Recorded from WBBM Chicago

Commercials: Ex Lax pills, Contac, Northwest Federal Savings and Loan, Maxwell House, Perfect Sleeper by Serta, York Furrier, Postal Instant Press Printing, National Guard and Reserve, "White Shadow" "MASH" WKRP in Cincinnati on CBS television, DiGel, Crost Furniture and antiques, Bsorex Shampoo,

News: President Carter guarantees Chrysler a $1 billion loan, Chrysler workers to vote on scaled back contract agreement, 13,000 G.M. workers walk out at two plants,

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