Friday, March 16, 2012

1040 Shadow Of A Lover

Shadow Of A Lover
Episode 1040
Original Air Date: December 19, 1979

A woman confuses fantasy and reality and asks an actor on a cop show to solve the disappearance of her husband. The actor starts to buy into the fantasy and finds it often conflicts with reality.

Cast: Michael Tolan, Evie Juster, Bryna Raeburn, Russell Horton

Writer: Sam Dann

Rating: **1/2

Recorded from WFAA Dallas, TX

Commercials: MasterCharge, Epilepsy PSA, Consumer Reports, High blood pressure PSA, Michelob, Special Education PSA, Whitman's Chocolates, Kodak Film, Easter Seals PSA, Consumer Reports, Minolta XG-1 camera at Barry's Camera, CBS news with Walter Cronkite, Whitman's Chocolate, Reynolds Wrap, Consumer Reports,

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