Saturday, April 14, 2012

1140 A Holiday Visit

A Holiday Visit
Episode 1140
Original Air Date: December 25, 1980

A couple on their way to beautiful Runyonville, Ohio to visit her parents for Christmas have an accident on the highway. They walk through the snow to the village of Taylortown whose sole resident is a little old woman who can be several places at once.

Cast: Lloyd Batista, Diane Kirkwood, Joan Shea, Robert Dryden,

Writer: Bob Juhren

Rating: **1/2

Rating: **1/2

Recorded from WBBM

Commericals: Kennedy Center Honors on CBS, Peoples Magazine, Navy recruiting, CARE PSA, Delta Airlines, Freebie and the Bean television show on CBS, Bayer Aspirin, 1980 Cougars at Terry Lincoln Mercury, Learning Disablities PSA, Chicago Tribune,

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