Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1176 The Ghost-Grey Bat

The Ghost-Grey Bat
Episode 1176
Original Air Date: March 25, 1981

A young New York couple "swap" homes with an Austrian couple for a year so a college professor can finish his book in peace. The remote Austrian home holds a terrible secret and is haunted by a fearsome creature.

Cast: Don Scardino, Jennifer Harmon, Joan Shea, Robert Dryden,

Writer: Ian Martin

Rating: ***1/2

Recorded from KIRO Seattle

Commercials: "The Jeffersons" and "Alice" and the "Price is Right on CBS Television, Metamucil, RB Furniture, National Association of Realtors, DiGel, Best Western Motels, Villa Plaza shopping center, Rico cameras, Maxwell House coffee, Postal Instant Press, Pregnancy and smoking PSA, "Guyana Tragedy" on CBS Television, Harts 2 in 1 Plus Collar, Maxwell House, Rico Cameras, Boys Club PSA, Overnight with Dave Dawson on KIRO,

News: Conflicts in OPEC agreement, VP Bush criticizes UN, UN Envoy waiting for breakthru on Sirian missile crisis, Quiet at two prisons in Southern Michigan prison in Jackson and in Marquette, MI after riots, President Reagan back at White House after vacation and has gained back most weight lost after being shot, Baseball strike is unavoidable, Local Seattle News,


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