Sunday, February 12, 2012

0917 The Pilgrim Soul

The Pilgrim Soul
Episode 0917
Original Air Date: November 13, 1978

An American nurse serves in a hospital in Great Britain in World War II. She is friendly with the patients and they talk to her openly. British Intelligence suspects she might be a Nazi spy.

Cast: Carol Teitel, Gordon Heath, Bryna Raeburn, Gordon Gould

Writer: Percy Granger

Rating: **1/2

Commercials: Goodyear car service, Chicago City Center, "The Magic Goes Away" by Larry Niven, "Skyfall" novel, Eastern airlines, Freedent Gum, Chloroseptic, Metronet mobile communications systems, Choice Magazine Listening for the blind,

NEEDS REPLACED, Digital artifacts, a few seconds of Fulton Lewis Commentary dropped in between introduction and first act, random seconds of another episode in between third act and final thought,

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