Sunday, February 12, 2012

0918 The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy
Episode 0918
Original Air Date: November 15, 1978

A woman conspires to embarrass and torment her former boyfriend who is a photographer. She demonstrates a special talet to him when she poses for him.

Cast: Teri Keane, Cort Benson, Grace Matthews

Writer: Elspeth Eric

Rating: *1/2

Recorded from KQB

News: 200 died in plane crash in Sri Lanka, A plane crash in San Diego that killed 140 has been followed at least five near misses on runway, NASA completes several commands to Venus probe, President Carter and President Sadat to meet, Oil Minister of Kuwait touring Argentina, Federal grand jury indicts computer expert for embezzling from bank,

Commercials: Roto Rooter, Radio advertising, Goodyear Service Center, Freedent gum, Reading is Fundamental, The Magic Goes Away novel by Larry Niven, Skyfall novel, American Heart Association anti-smoking PSA, Quality Inns,

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